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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Robots of Dawn

Here's my review of The Robots of Dawn, next will be The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Midnight’s Children, and Robots and Empire.

Much like the Dune series, I don't have a lot to say about books in this series that I haven't already said about earlier books.  Unlike the Dune series, I don't view these books as having an enormous drop off in qualify after the first one.  I enjoyed Caves of Steel more than the two books I've read that followed it, but they were still good.  Once again, Elijah Bailey is given the task of solving an impossible mystery on a world he knows nothing about assisted by his robot friend.

The clues given to solve the mystery are, I think, more subtle than what they were in prior books.  Perhaps a bit too subtle to be satisfying to some readers.  Those familiar with the short stories that started Asimov's career will notice that they are referenced as legends about the history and development of robots.  Not much to say at this point.  I'll probably have more to say after the next and final book in his Robots series.  Maybe not, though, since that book is also the bridge between this series and Asimov's Empire stories.

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